Winter CMS 1.1.x - Update mit Composer

Winter CMS 1.1.x itself can not be updated directly within the Backend. But it can easily be updated with Composer.

  • Connect to your Webhoster via SSH
  • Go to the root directory of your winter cms installation
  • Download composer (if not done yet)
  • Update Winter CMS (Here updated to Version 1.1.9)
    • php composer.phar update
  • If you get an error as e.g., Could not scan for classes inside "tests/fixtures/backend/models/UserFixture.php" which does not appear to be a file nor a folder the composer.json file has to be adjusted
    • Edit composer.json and remove the line "tests/fixtures/backend/models/UserFixture.php" from the autoload-dev section

Veröffentlicht in Aktuelles, EDV am 26. November 2022